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Beauty Of Joseon

Beauty of Joseon Jello Skin Massage Cream (200ml)

Beauty of Joseon Jello Skin Massage Cream (200ml)

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Beauty of Joseon Jello Skin Massage Cream (200ml)


  • A massage cream for refining facial contours and soothing physical and mental tensions through massaging.
  • This cream is collaborated with byAva, emphasizing the balance of harmony between body and mind for holistic beauty with Beauty of Joseon's iconic Hanbang formula. 
  • It can work as a massage cream as well as a hydrating cream to help moisturize and protect the skin's barrier with Centiger Bean Extract.
  • Features a pudding-like texture that glides effortlessly on the skin without stickiness.
  • Provides a smooth and comfy massage experience without friction or irritation to skin.

How to use:

  • Apply a moderate amount onto the desired areas and gently massage.
  • You can use a Gua Sha to massage your face and body for a better effect.



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